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Weather disasters cost US about $95 billion in 2020

Weather and climate disasters have a devastating—and pricey—tole. In 2020, there were 22 billion-dollar weather disasters in the U.S. This is a record number. The most damage came from the seven billion-dollar tropical cyclones. They created over $40 billion in…

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Climate change could further endanger snow leopards

Climate change is already destroying snow leopards' habitats, and it could result in the species going extinct, according to a report from the World Wildlife Fund. The report was released on International Snow Leopard Day, on Friday October 23, 2015. The…

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With fewer large animals, could climate change increase?

A recent study found that large birds and animals are an important part of preventing climate change. Large animals, such as tapirs and primates, eat the seeds of large, heavy-wooded trees. When the seeds pass through the animals’ digestive systems,…

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