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Sports Report

24Sep 18

“Superteams” created to contest NBA championships

In today’s NBA, free agency allows superstars to join new teams and recruit fellow players in the league. More and more, NBA superstars are joining ranks on a single team to increase the chance of going to the playoffs and winning a title. Some believe that NBA franchises without “superteams” have no chance to win…

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Series Editor Picks

23Jun 20

Colleges struggle with economic fallout of COVID-19

With sports cut short and delayed or cancelled, colleges are struggling to fund their athletic departments. Revenue from basketball and football programs are used to pay for other college sports.…

26Sep 18

Women’s college volleyball season underway

The 2018 season is underway in women’s volleyball at US colleges and universities. After last year’s exciting finish at the NCAA tournament, there’s great excitement for highlights the new season…

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