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Perspectives on US History

06Aug 17
Dust-Bowl Drought would still devastate US crops, study finds

Dust-Bowl Drought would still devastate US crops, study finds

A series of three droughts in the 1930s led to the extreme conditions in the Dust Bowl Region. As acres of land literally blew away, many people were displaced. Farming methods have changed quite a bit since the 1930s. Farmers now plant different crops and use irrigation. But agriculture is still sensitive to drought. A…

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Series Editor Picks

22Sep 18

The African American pioneers who went west

Before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the great American frontier was the Northwest Territory. Today it includes Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota. The Northwest Ordinance of…

22Sep 18

Getting ready for another Industrial Revolution

The mining industry provides the raw materials needed by almost everything else in our economy. But it doesn’t employ that many people – just 670,000 Americans. Instead, it’s focusing on…

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This series examines eight major episodes in US history and explores the different perspectives on each event. By examining a range of views and their various shades of gray, readers will come away with a comprehensive understanding of why each event happened and its lasting effects on US history.

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