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05Oct 18

Women fought in the Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution began in 1910 and lasted for several years. It ended dictatorship in the country and started a new age for Mexico. Many women took part in the long conflict. Some “soldaderas,” as they were called, took on traditional roles and provided services like nursing. Others fought with…

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18Feb 20

Forest fires increase bee population

Human-controlled prescribed forest fires have increased bee populations. The scheduled burnings open up the treetops to admit sunlight. And the fires create nutrients for the soil. This helps flowers grow.…

09Feb 20

Broken record: American explorer dives deep

In May 2019, American explorer Victor Vescovo and his team completed the deepest-ever ocean dive—35,849 feet below the surface. Descending in a submersible to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s…

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