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No Barriers

27Nov 19
Boy with cerebral palsy becomes a regular on TV show

Boy with cerebral palsy becomes a regular on TV show

Gavin McHugh plays Christopher Diaz in the prime time show 9-1-1. Gavin has cerebral palsy. And so does his character. The show addresses issues surrounding disabilities. Not just cerebral palsy, but mental illness, too. Episodes have shed light on the rights of people with disabilities. Sometimes a disability isn’t noticeable. 9-1-1 highlighted the misunderstanding that…

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Series Editor Picks

25Nov 19

Welsh journalist with dyslexia wins top awards

In 2019, Will Hayward of Wales was named Newspaper Reporter of the Year. And Welsh Journalist of the Year. He gained recognition from writing about his challenges with dyslexia. Will…

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No Barriers shares the real stories of people who don’t let having a disability hold them back. Titles cover artists, adventurers, scientists, journalists, and entertainers. Compelling narratives highlight the achievements of some of the world’s best-known individuals, showing young readers that having a disability does not have to prevent people from pursuing their passions or making an impact on the world.

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