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No Barriers

04Mar 21
Jessica Cox is the world’s first armless licensed pilot

Jessica Cox is the world’s first armless licensed pilot

Born without arms, Jessica Cox never left her disability hold her back. She uses her feet as her hands. In 2008, she became the first person with no arms to pass the pilot’s test. She flies an Ercoupe plane. Designed in 1940, the “fool proof” plane is simple, safe, and accessible. Cox loves the feeling…

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31Mar 20

Journalist with dyslexia speaks out

Bronte Howard struggled to write her name. She confused left and right. Poor short-term memory and challenges with spelling and math also made school difficult. It was not until college…

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No Barriers shares the real stories of people who don’t let having a disability hold them back. Titles cover artists, adventurers, scientists, journalists, and entertainers. Compelling narratives highlight the achievements of some of the world’s best-known individuals, showing young readers that having a disability does not have to prevent people from pursuing their passions or making an impact on the world.

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