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Hidden History

18Jun 19
Nature after nurture: Fascinating glimpses of abandoned places

Nature after nurture: Fascinating glimpses of abandoned places

Moss-covered stools in a long-lost bar. A fern-filled courtyard at a vacant monastery. French photographer Jonathan Jimenez captured these images and more for his book Naturalia: Reclaimed by Nature, traveling to 33 countries to document spots nature took back once man left them behind. The photographs show decay—broken windows, cracked…

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Series Editor Picks

10Feb 20

Viking ship discovered in farmer’s field

In 2019, aerial radar detected a ship buried on a farm in Norway. It is speculated that a Norse leader and some of his belongings are in the gravesite. Parts…

10Feb 20

Navy pilots see UFOs

It’s happened quite a lot over the years. Navy pilots flying the skies have seen UFOs. They claim the UFOs move at incredibly high speed, and stay in the air…

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Are you a curious cat? Do you enjoy learning things other people don’t know? Then this series is for you. It’s filled with stories you won’t find in most history books: about lost treasures, secret groups, deserted cities, and conspiracy theories. About events long forgotten and people who should be remembered. Dig in!

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