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Animals Are Awesome

09Nov 20
Will endangered species fare better under Biden?

Will endangered species fare better under Biden?

Advocates and conservationists are hopeful that a Biden administration will better protect animals in the U.S. In 2019, Trump made changes to the Endangered Species Act that made enforcement more difficult. Biden’s administration may reverse some of these rollbacks. The president-elect has a strong record on wildlife issues. As a…

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Series Editor Picks

23Mar 20

Penguins explore an aquarium in Chicago

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S., the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago temporarily closed. The animal keepers decided to take advantage of visitor-free aquarium by letting some of…

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Each book in the Animals Are Awesome series offers insight into the fascinating lives of some of the world’s most incredible animals. From what they eat and where they live to descriptions of different species and how they spend their days, readers will learn lots of fun facts about their favorite animals.

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