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Animals Are Awesome

10Feb 20
Packed with power—and ready for prey

Packed with power—and ready for prey

Triangle weaver spiders (genus Hypiotes) have a unique skill in the animal kingdom. They construct webs that are loaded with tension, anchoring themselves with silk from their abdomen and pulling the web tighter with a central line. When a bug hits the web, the spider releases its anchor line, slinging…

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Series Editor Picks

23Mar 20

Penguins explore an aquarium in Chicago

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S., the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago temporarily closed. The animal keepers decided to take advantage of visitor-free aquarium by letting some of…

10Feb 20

Rare albino panda photographed in China

An all-white giant panda is roaming a forest in the Sichuan province of China. This rare bear was caught on camera in a nature reserve. It is believed to be…

10Feb 20

Snake gives unexpected birth to clones

An anaconda snake at the Boston New England Aquarium produced 18 babies without the help of a male. It happened through a process called parthenogenesis. The sets of genes came…

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