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01Dec 19
Iron Age finds in Oman include 3,000 year-old tombs

Iron Age finds in Oman include 3,000 year-old tombs

In Oman, archeologists discovered an Iron Age settlement, a copper mine, and a necropolis (or cemetery). The necropolis holds 45 tombs and is over 3,000 years old. The length of the tomb and the artifacts within indicates the social status of the person buried there. The settlement was found about…

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The Prehistoric series is about early humans, the world they lived in, and the lives they led. It spans the Paleolithic Era (the Old Stone Age) through the Iron Age; from about 3.3 million years ago to about 1,000 years ago; from when humans first used stone tools to just before they began writing their history. In broad strokes and vivid examples, the series describes where and how these early people lived, the tools they used, the challenges of everyday life, and the development of culture, art, religion, and civilizations. Each title includes a timeline of major events.

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