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18Apr 17
New ocean robots could help humans do dangerous jobs

New ocean robots could help humans do dangerous jobs

Exploring the ocean and repairing underwater structures can be dangerous work. But scientists are designing robots that could do these jobs. One kind of robot looks like a snake. It would repair and inspect oil rigs. Its thin, flexible shape would allow it to go where divers cannot. Tiny submarines known as ecosubs could help…

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23Jun 20

Become a citizen scientist during coronavirus

The Smithsonian has a collection of 75 research projects that are looking for help from people at home. Citizen scientists can help researchers by sifting through data, like photos and…

17Sep 18

Working with exotic animals in South Africa

Canadian college student Brittney Hein hopes to be a veterinarian someday. In 2018, she had a chance not many students get. She traveled to South Africa to work with animals…

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