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About 12-Story Library

Not Your Average Book

Have you ever finished a book only to want to learn more? We have. That’s why we create “living books.” As soon as a 12-Story Library book is printed, that book has a unique, constantly updated page on This combined approach means 12-Story Library content stays fresh and up to date while also offering students a portal to dig deeper into their favorite subjects. Using the book and the site together, students can do all the research they need for school projects while being sure that the content is safe and vetted by our staff of children’s publishing professionals.

It Starts With an Idea

Before any book begins, there are ideas. Our curious editors never stop jotting down ideas, and that makes our list HUGE. The good news is that our nonfiction books aren’t limited to just one idea. Pick one up and you’ll find 12 unique stories about any subject. Our editors work with dogged authors to ensure that each book is chock-full of information. Meanwhile, our creative team makes sure all of the books are eye-catching and easy to read. And if you’re looking for a compelling story to read, check out some of our high-interest fiction titles, such as Bridget Gadget or Tartan House. There’s something for everybody on the 12-Story Library bookshelf.

The Web is Your Portal

Even before a 12-Story Library book is sent to the printer, our crack web team gets to work. We start by researching each topic again. The Internet is the world’s greatest source for information, but it can be overwhelming. By the time we’re done, we make sure you can find the best information — while skipping over the bad stuff — in a safe and easy way. This includes news articles, web resources, live feeds, and more. But our job isn’t done when we build and launch the pages. The web team continues to update the site year-round. Our feeds are constantly updating, and you’ll find at least 12 new Editor Picks each month.

Stay Connected with 12-Story Library on Social Media

If you haven’t noticed yet, our 12-Story Library team doesn’t like to sit still. So while creating books and adding new content to the website, we’re also active on Facebook and Twitter. Connect with us to get the latest news from 12-Story Library and



Need to Reach Us?

12 Story Library is distributed by The Creative Company. To purchase books, please contact: The Creative Company, P.O. Box 227,
Mankato, MN 56002 Phone: (507) 388-6273 Fax: (507) 388-2746 

For website inquiries, please email:

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