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Unsung Heroes

25Aug 16
Smithsonian African-American museum beats fundraising goal

Smithsonian African-American museum beats fundraising goal

With its fundraising goal of $270 million easily surpassed, the Smithsonian's National Museum of African-American History and Culture is ready for its closeup. The museum is slated to open on September 24 with VIPs on hand such as President Barack Obama. Oprah Winfrey donated over $20 million to the museum, which expects to have approximately…

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Series Editor Picks

08Jun 17

Cracking the Lorenz SZ42’s Code

During World War II (1939–1942), the Germans used a machine called the Lorenz SZ42 to send encoded messages. This machine used wheels and switches to create billions of possible combinations.…

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Unsung Heroes shines a spotlight on underrepresented voices throughout history. Featuring racial minorities and other marginalized contributors who are routinely left out of history books, this biography series examines the work of professionals throughout US history and in the fields of science, technology, and social justice. Each book profiles 12 individuals and their impressive contributions as well as the challenges they faced.

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