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Back from the Brink

16Dec 20
Two new calves of critically endangered whale spotted

Two new calves of critically endangered whale spotted

Two new North Atlantic right whale calves were spotted off the coasts of Georgia and Florida. This is exciting news for the critically endangered species. There are only 366 individuals left and every new whale counts. The population has taken a dive in recent years due to fatal encounters with ships. The mother-calf pairs are…

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Series Editor Picks

09Nov 20

Will endangered species fare better under Biden?

Advocates and conservationists are hopeful that a Biden administration will better protect animals in the U.S. In 2019, Trump made changes to the Endangered Species Act that made enforcement more…

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The series Back from the Brink will encourage budding environmentalists by sharing the amazing survival stories of endangered species. Each book shares the human and natural factors that drove 12 species to the edge of extinction, as well as the science behind the work that helped them begin a comeback. Readers learn fun facts and details about the species while finding out what helped them survive and thrive.

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