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Exploring Ancient Civilizations

09Feb 20
An ancient backdrop for modern art

An ancient backdrop for modern art

Thousands of years ago, the tiny Greek island of Delos was a thriving political, cultural, and commercial hub. Today, it is a 1.3-square-mile archaeological site—and home to a surprising modern art installation called “Sight.” British sculptor Antony Gormley has placed 29 of his signature “bodyforms” among the ruins, inviting visitors…

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18Jun 19

Fascinating finds: Ritual objects of the ancient Maya

They went looking for a sacred well. But archaeologists working beneath the ancient Mexican city of Chichén Itzá discovered something far more surprising: vases, decorative plates, incense burners, and other…

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Exploring Ancient Civilizations takes readers on a trip around the world, examining cultures from the past long ago. With detailed information and colorful images, these books provide a fascinating picture of how people from ancient times lived their daily lives.

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