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22Sep 18

Archaeologists find a pot of ancient Roman gold

Archaeologists working in Como, Italy, a town north of Milan, made a surprising discovery in September 2018. They were doing excavations in the basement of a theater that had been condemned and was about to be torn down. Then they spotted a soapstone jar. Inside the jar were 300 gold…

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22Aug 17

Scientists discover the secret of enduring Roman concrete

When exposed to sea air, modern concrete can deteriorate within decades. But remnants of Roman seawalls, constructed 2,000 years ago, are not only still standing, they're getting stronger. Romans used volcanic ash in their concrete, and its reaction with seawater produces growing crystals that strengthen the material to this day.…

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Tour the Roman Colosseum

Video: The Colosseum and Roman Forum

Source:Elizabeth/Vimeo Creative Commons

Come along and explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

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