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Women Who Changed the World

17May 21
16-year-old wins podcast challenge by embracing her mixed heritage

16-year-old wins podcast challenge by embracing her mixed heritage

As an Indian-American, Kriti Sarav struggled to embrace her identity. Her podcast, My Very Own Bully, tells the story of what it was like growing up between two cultures. In a tiny closet in her room, Sarav recorded her story. After years of feeling different and like she didn’t fit the mold, Sarav realized her…

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04Apr 21

Stanford wins NCAA Women’s Finals over Arizona

After a tight game, the Stanford Wildcats were crowned the champions of the NCAA’s women’s tournament. The team played against the Arizona Cardinals. The final score of 54-53 came down…

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The Women Who Changed the World series profiles inspiring, influential women who challenged stereotypes, overcame barriers, and opened doors. Some were the first women in their fields. Some rose to the top of professions, companies, or nations previously run or dominated by men. Some were activists, some were queens, some quietly did their jobs. Each title includes a diverse selection of 12 women who had a lasting impact: on the arts, business, education, entertainment, equality and social justice, the media, medicine, the military, politics, science and technology, the space industry, and sports.

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