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Making a Difference

11May 21
10-year-old becomes America’s newest chess master

10-year-old becomes America’s newest chess master

Chess prodigy Tanitoluwa Adewumi won all four of his chess matches at the Fairfield County Chess Club Championship, making him a chess master. At age 10, Tani is the 28th youngest chess master in the U.S. Tani and his family come from Nigeria. They were refugees. They moved to the U.S. in 2017 and lived…

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Series Editor Picks

17May 21

Podcast winners showcase their school’s unsung heroes

Braeden Collett and Brennan Williams were curious about their basement neighbors at school. Their audio-visual classroom studio is right next to the maintenance crew. For their winning podcast, “Whodunnit?,” the…

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Making a Difference is a series about making the world a better place. Each title features 12 engaging, inspiring, often touching stories from the present and the past of individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and communities helping people, animals, and the planet. Some work on a national or global scale, with ample resources. Others are grassroots, local, and on a shoestring. All are proof that caring counts and anyone can get involved, including kids and teens.

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