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17Sep 18

What the ancient Maya did to forests can still be felt today

The ancient Maya lived in tropical forests. But they wanted to plant corn. They needed firewood to heat their homes. And they built temples, pyramids, and cities. So they cut down countless trees and clear-cut large areas of land. Experts believe this led to the end of the Maya empire.…

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22Aug 17

Rare Mayan jade discovered in Guatemala

Archaeologists from Japan have discovered a treasure trove of rare jade pieces used by the Mayan people in public ceremonies. The pieces date back as far as 1000 BC. Because the jade shows no signs of wearing down by fabric, it's likely that they were not jewelry, but used in…

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Tour Sacred Maya Ruins

Video: Mesoamerica Through Time

Source:Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers/Vimeo Creative Commons

A brief overview of four of the Maya’s most important capital cities.

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Tweets from archaeologist James A. Doyle, the assistant curator for art of the ancient Americas at the Met.

  • JamesDoyleMet

    RT @DSAArchaeology: Rubbings of low relief carvings from the ancient Maya city of Palenque made by Merle Greene Robertson!

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  • JamesDoyleMet

    RT @eduescar: Este fin de semana estuve en mi natal Mérida, y comí mucho. Cochinita pibil, pescado frito, frijol con puerco, y demás. 🐷✨🌴 h…

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  • JamesDoyleMet

    @ares_pinto Ánimo!

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  • JamesDoyleMet

    RT @AMNH: This silver llama figurine is a rare example of Inca metalwork. About 500 yrs old, it's from the Island of the Sun, or Lake Titic…

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Interactive: Map of the Maya World

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