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12-Story Library Editor Picks

02Apr 20
Staying Safe During The Pandemic

Staying safe during the pandemic

While kids are less likely to get sick from COVID-19 they can easily spread the virus. One infectious disease specialist says it’s important to be careful about play times. John Swartzberg recommends getting together outside. Playgrounds, though, should be avoided; germs can remain on hard surfaces for days. Biking, hiking,…

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14Nov 18

Ways to reduce exposure to pesticides

Pesticides are everywhere, from our food to our lawns. They can be harmful, especially for children. Contact with chemicals can lead to problems with memory, reflexes, and attention. Experts recommend washing fruits and vegetables. Take shoes off at the door so you don’t track chemicals (and dirt) through your home.…

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18Aug 16

Cool kids can curb bullying, study finds

Researchers studied schools where outgoing students initiated or were involved in anti-bullying programs. Their study found that when students are the ones to take a stand against bullying — as opposed to adults in a school — it has more of an impact. Social networks in schools are a major…

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Map: Weather Preparedness Events Calendar

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Video: Bicycle Helmet Safety

Source: WorkingWell Canada/Vimeo Creative Commons

Learn how to best check your bike helmet to make sure it fits well.

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