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NASA to fly Ingenuity where no aircraft has been before—Mars

Ingenuity will attempt the first flight on another planet. The four-pound helicopter is strapped to NASA’s Perseverance rover. On Mars, the aircraft will perform a series of test flights to demonstrate if flight is possible. If the missions are a…

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First Boeing 737 Max flight takes off after 2 years of being grounded

After two deadly crashes in March 2019, the Boeing’s 737 Max was grounded. But not anymore. American Airlines was the first to fly the plane commercially in almost two years. The first flight was from Miami to New York. The…

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New NASA spacecraft Orion could take humans to Mars

NASA hopes its new Orion spacecraft will eventually be able to take humans as far away as Mars. Before the new spaceship can go into deep space, however, it must undergo flight testing closer to home. That starts on Dec. 4, when…

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