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Biking At Night? This Glow-in-the-dark Path Might Help
Photo of the glow-in-the-dark bike lane by TPA SP. Z O.O.

Getting around at night just got a lot easier for cyclists in one town in Poland. The town of Lidzbark Warminski in northern Poland unveiled a new glow-in-the-dark bicycle lane this month. During the day, sunlight charges special particles in the asphalt, and then those particles — called “luminophores” — become beautiful blue lights when the sun goes down. A similar lit-up bike lane concept was unveiled in 2014 in the Netherlands, but it used a different technology. The bike lane in Poland is unique in that it is powered only by sunlight. Now the engineering company behind the technology hopes the bike lane will be a success so it can be rolled out on a larger scale.

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