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Scary and Spooky

26Aug 16
Tribal warriors catch giant snakes for science

Tribal warriors catch giant snakes for science

The Waorani tribe lives in the Amazon in South America. They are knowledgeable about the green anaconda, a type of large snake that lives in the Amazon. The Waorani are experts at catching these snakes. They partnered with the Center for Tropical Conservation. The Waorani captured the snakes for these scientists to study. Studying these…

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02Feb 17

Namibia’s “Fairy Circles” Baffle Scientists

Namibia’s dry grasslands are dotted with round, grassless patches known as “fairy circles.” These circles are spaced out across the ground in a honeycomb pattern. For years, scientists have struggled…

31Oct 16

The Science of Fear

Halloween is certainly "spooktacular." To celebrate, people decorate their homes with cobwebs and gravestones or put on costumes that make them look like mythical monsters. But did you ever stop…

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