Great Tips on Writing

23Dec 16
Write Your Holiday Memories

Write your holiday memories

What holiday traditions does your family have? Do you light candles, decorate a tree, or bake delicious food? The sights and sounds of the holiday season are often some of the most memorable. This makes them a great source of ideas for nonfiction writing. By using specific details in your writing, you can draw readers…

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Series Editor Picks

07Apr 17

A $10 Million Comma

Good grammar is an important part of clear writing. But sometimes grammar experts disagree. For example, they often argue about the Oxford comma. This comma comes before the last item in a list. For…

02Mar 17

Generate ideas with a golden shovel poem

One of the best ways to get writing ideas is to reimagine something that already exists. Writer Nikki Grimes has done just that with her new book. Called One Last…

02Feb 17

Need ideas? Try fairy tales

You’ve probably heard the stories of Cinderella and Rapunzel. You may even know that they come from a collection of stories by the Brothers Grimm. But did you know that…

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