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Examining Primary Sources 

12Aug 16
Presidential footsteps in Philadelphia? They’re everywhere

Presidential footsteps in Philadelphia? They’re everywhere

The 2016 Democratic National Convention was held in Philadelphia. The city was a particularly important location during the American Revolutionary War, and the Declaration of Independence was signed there in the 18th century. Other landmarks include Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Read more about Philadelphia's connection to the American…

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18Nov 16

What is the Electoral College?

Last week, Donald Trump won the 2016 US presidential election even though more people actually voted for Hilary Clinton. How is this possible? Presidential elections in the United States actually…

24Aug 16

How the national anthem has changed over the years

Musicologists examine the history of "The Star-Spangled Banner," discussing how the song has changed in the 200 years since it was written. Francis Scott Key would not recognize the version…

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Examining Primary Sources explores commonly studied historical texts by answering important questions about them: Why was it written? What does it mean? What was the impact? Each book examines the primary source—from the context, to the actual words, all the way to the impact—leaving readers with a comprehensive understanding of the document.

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