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12-Story Library Featured Editor Pick

15Jun 21
Diver Survives Being Swallowed, Then Spat Out By Humpback Whale

Diver survives being swallowed, then spat out by humpback whale

Michael Packárd was diving for lobsters in Cape Cod, Massachusetts when he felt a big push and then everything went dark. At first, he thought a shark had bitten him, but there was no big pain. Feeling his way around—he was still wearing his scuba gear and breathing apparatus—Packárd realized…

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31Mar 20
16-year-old Blind, Deaf Dog Survived Being Snatched By A Hawk

16-year-old blind, deaf dog survived being snatched by a hawk

After Porschia was snatched by a hawk, dog-owner Deborah Falcione thought she’d never see the poodle again. Porschia was 16 years old, blind, and deaf. After her dog went missing, Falcione searched the neighborhood with no luck. Twenty-eight hours later, after temperatures dipped to 10 degrees, Falcione got a call.…

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Note: Each post links to a current event story related to this 12-Story Library book. Our editors hand-select each story and write each post.

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