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09Feb 20
Toxic Tea: Another Way Plastic Pollution Is Taking A Toll

Toxic tea: Another way plastic pollution is taking a toll

Discarded plastics don’t just wash up on beaches and interfere with marine life. They also steep in our oceans, creating a toxic brew that harms the bacteria responsible for generating 10 percent of our oxygen. A new study shows that plastics with chemical additives are the worst offenders. Researchers hope…

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07Jul 19
The Growing Plastic Problem In The North Atlantic

The growing plastic problem in the North Atlantic

Wrappers, fishing gear, bottles, bags. Trillions of plastic items enter our oceans each year, washing up on beaches and wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems. For more than 60 years, researchers in the U.K. have been collecting data on pollution in the North Atlantic. In a recent article, the team confirmed…

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12Jun 19
Paving Paradise: Is It Possible To Develop And Protect?

Paving paradise: Is it possible to develop and protect?

  Golfo Dulce, meaning “Sweet Gulf,” is a beautiful bay located between the southern tip of Costa Rica and the Osa Peninsula. Home to bottlenose and spotted dolphins, hawksbill turtles, and endangered scarlet macaws, this pristine region is rich in natural resources. It could be a big draw for travelers…

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Science Daily Marine Biology News

Marine Biology News -- ScienceDaily

Marine Biology News. Read scientific research on marine animals and their aquatic habitats. From plankton to whales, you will find it all here.

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Ocean Floor Features

Video: Coral Gardens Off of Cayman Islands

Source: Matt Russell/Vimeo Creative Commons

Explore a coral reef in the Cayman Islands, a small group of islands in the Caribbean Sea.

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    RT @NWS: Gusty winds and elevated fire danger are forecast for parts of the Plains to Ohio Valley. There are small, potentially life-saving…

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Diagram: Kelp Forests

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