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25Aug 16
World War II Vet Receives Long-overdue Medals

World War II vet receives long-overdue medals

Ralph Schat earned several medals for his service in World War II. But due to some lost records, he never received them. That error was finally rectified nearly 70 years later, when South Dakota Sen. John Thune presented Schat with his long-overdue medals. Now 89, Schat was proud to finally…

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23Aug 16

World War II veteran completes coast-to-coast run

At the age of 88, Ernie Andrus ran in a relay race. Though he only did it out of a love for running, he got some attention for it. Andrus decided to do one better and run across the country, starting from his home in California. Now three years later…

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19Aug 16

National World War II Museum receives $3 million gift

Entertainer Bob Hope was well-known as a supporter of the military. He traveled the globe entertaining troops during World War II. That legacy will be honored at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans following a $3 million gift from the comedian's foundation. The museum is planning to…

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Library of Congress Veterans History Project Headlines

World War II: A Visual History

Video: Honoring Pearl Harbor Survivors in Death

Source: Andrew Arthur Breese/Vimeo

One Navy veteran is helping to make sure that now-deceased Pearl Harbor survivors get the burial at sea that they deserve.

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