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17Dec 20
25 Of The Most Celebrated WWII Planes

25 of the most celebrated WWII planes

Throughout the World War II, the U.S. contributed more than 300,000 combat aircrafts. These airplanes hold a special place in WWII memorabilia. The Smithsonian has gathered the history of 25 of the most popular types. Readers can learn the history of Mustangs, Catalinas, B-25s, Hellcats, Corsairs, and much more.

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16Jan 17

Clare Hollingworth: The reporter who broke the news of World War II

In August 1939, less than one week after becoming a journalist, Clare Hollingworth witnessed Nazi troops gathering at the Germany-Poland border. She reported this news in England's Daily Telegraph, and three days later the Nazis invaded Poland to start World War II. Hollingworth, who continued to report in Europe during the…

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Library of Congress Veterans History Project Headlines

World War II: A Visual History

Honoring Pearl Harbor Survivors in Death

One Navy veteran is helping to make sure that now-deceased Pearl Harbor survivors get the burial at sea that they deserve.

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World War II Memorial Friends Tweets

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World War II Timeline

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