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Tables Turn For Patriots In Super Bowl Rematch With Seahawks

It didn’t make up for a loss in the Super Bowl. But it was at least a little bit of revenge for the Seattle Seahawks. The roles were reversed from Super Bowl XLIX in February 2015, in which the New England Patriots made a late goal-line stand to deny the Seahawks a championship. This time, in a 2016 Week 10 matchup, it was the Patriots looking to win from close range in the final minute. Unlike the Seahawks, who drew criticism back in 2015 for not running the ball with star Marshawn Lynch, the Patriots did try and rush for the score. However, only one carry went to LeGarrette Blount, who had three earlier rushing touchdowns. The other two attempts were quarterback sneaks by Tom Brady. Finally the Patriots chose to pass on fourth down, but it fell incomplete to tight end Rob Gronkowski. While it wasn’t a Super Bowl win, it was a significant victory for Seattle. It was only the second time in the Patriots’ last 104 home games that they lost a fourth quarter lead.

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