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How Baby Carrots Changed The Carrot Farming Industry

Most people have eaten a baby carrot. After all, the short, orange vegetables make up 70 percent of all carrot sales. But did you know that baby carrots are just big carrots chopped down? It’s true. A farmer named Mike Yurosek invented baby carrots. Carrots often grow in odd shapes, and grocery stores only wanted the normal-looking ones. That meant a lot of carrots had to be thrown away. So one day Yurosek decided to do something about it. He carved the ugly carrots down into 2-inch (5 cm), snack friendly pieces. They were a hit! Within 12 years, Americans went from eating 6.1 pounds (2.8 kg) of carrots per year to 14.2 pounds (6.4 kg). Yurosek’s invention might seem small, but it had big affects. Because of baby carrots, farmers no longer have to throw away so many carrots. Meanwhile, Americans are eating more of this healthy vegetable.

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