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Hungry? Print Your Food On A 3D Printer
Photo of 3D-printed sugar objects by 3D Systems.

It seems that 3D printers can create just about anything these days. And at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, new 3D printers were unveiled that can create food! A company called 3D systems introduced the Chefjet and Chefjet Pro, which can make chocolate and other sugar products with fun patterns and designs. 3D Systems is a leader in the 3D printing business, but it’s hardly the only player. Approximately 30 firms are showcasing 3D-printing technology at the annual event. With price tags in the thousands, the Chefjet and Chefjet Pro won’t become household items yet. But they can print edible objects that were once impossible to create.

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Photo of 3D-printed sugar objects by 3D Systems.

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