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12-Story Library Editor Picks

14Jul 16

Did dinosaurs roar?

Everyone has seen a roaring dinosaur in a movie or TV show. It turns out that might not have really happened. New research shows that dinosaurs might actually have made a…

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17Sep 15

New dinosaur species skeleton found in Montana

Paleontologists from Colorado have discovered a new species of dinosaur. The skeleton was discovered during a dig in central Montana. Paleontologists from the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Research Center uncovered about…

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Dinosaur News

Dinosaurs News -- ScienceDaily

All about dinosaurs. Read about dinosaur discoveries including gigantic meat-eating dinosaurs, earliest dinosaurs and more. Dinosaur pictures and articles.

Infographic: The Truth About the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.52.51 AM

Video: Titanosaur Fossil Discovery

Source: National Science Foundation

Researchers discovered a huge new dinosaur called the Titanosaur in South America.

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