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Earth’s Ecosystems

04Oct 18

NASA images show water pollution following Hurricane Florence

Rainfall from Hurricane Florence flooded rivers across North Carolina in September 2018. Nearly eight trillion gallons of rain fell during the storm, causing both organic and industrial waste to flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Pollution levels were so high that NASA satellite cameras captured images of the event from space.…

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Series Editor Picks

05Oct 18

Bubbling lake in Alaska releases methane into the air

There’s an Arctic lake in northern Alaska that bubbles and hisses and never freezes. Scientist Katey Walter Anthony has discovered the reason for the lake’s weird behavior: methane. Rising temperatures…

05Oct 18

First omnivorous shark is identified

Sharks are carnivores – meat eaters. They’re definitely not vegetarians. But according to a new study, there’s a shark that eats both meat and veggies. Bonnethead sharks, a smaller cousin…

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