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Earth’s Ecosystems

15Aug 17
Wildfires help some ecosystems to function properly

Wildfires help some ecosystems to function properly

Despite human effort to stop forest fires, the fires increase in number and seem to get worse every year. In fact, the impact of fires in plant genomes date as far back as 125 million years ago. But could forest fires actually be good for forests? Read more about how wildfires impact the forest ecosystems.…

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Series Editor Picks

17Aug 17

Hidden diseases once frozen in ice are waking up

Permafrost soils are melting after thousands of years due to climate change, and they are releasing ancient viruses and bacteria. Frozen permafrost soil is perfect for preserving bacteria and viruses…

16Aug 17

There is more to grasslands than grassy plains

None of the US national parks focus on grasslands and prairie, despite these environments making up one third of the continental United States. Many people perceive these regions as being…

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Each book in the Earth’s Ecosystems series offers a glimpse at the different landscapes found across the globe. Filled with facts about the climates, plants, animals, and other features that are unique to each ecosystem, this series is sure to instill a sense of wonder about the world.

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