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18Apr 17
New Ocean Robots Could Help Humans Do Dangerous Jobs

New ocean robots could help humans do dangerous jobs

Exploring the ocean and repairing underwater structures can be dangerous work. But scientists are designing robots that could do these jobs. One kind of robot looks like a snake. It would repair and inspect oil rigs. Its thin, flexible shape would allow it to go where divers cannot. Tiny submarines known as ecosubs could help scientists study and explore the ocean. One person could control…

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Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes shines a spotlight on underrepresented voices throughout history. Featuring racial minorities and other marginalized contributors who are routinely left out of history books, this biography series examines the work of professionals throughout US history and in the fields of science, technology, and social justice.

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The Coding Club

Meet the Coding Club of Wheatley Middle School! Super-smart Marco Martinez loves creating new gadgets and writing up code to go with them. Spirited video game programmer Ava Rhodes can’t wait to make her own game. And trickster Grady Hopkins is filling his first website with all his favorite jokes. When mysteries abound at Wheatley Middle School, can these three coders use their skills to crack the case and build a friendship at the same time?