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At 12-Story Library, the book is just the beginning. Each book has a unique page at that’s filled with hand-selected online resources. And the best part? It’s all free!

– Editor-selected news articles
– Videos
– Online resources
– Live Twitter and RSS feeds
– Teacher resources

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If you or your school owns a 12-Story Library book, you get automatic access to free premium content.

More 12-Story Library Editor Picks

Note: Each post is hand-selected by one of our editors to further explore a 12-Story Library book. Our most recent posts can be found here, but more posts and loads of additional resources can be found on each book’s page.

Featured Series


The Unbelievable series takes a look at some of the most amazing, astonishing, and incredible stories from around the world.

Discover the secrets behind what makes the human body amazing, athletes legendary, and animals astonishing. Be fascinated by history and incredible stories from nature. Admire astounding human-made structures, dramatic discoveries, and incredible technologies.

Click here to visit the series page.

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