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People vs. the planet: A new look at a looming crisis

An exhaustive U.N. report outlines the massive impact human activity has had on the natural world, suggesting that one million…

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The best ever: An NFL punter’s legendary career

Kick after kick after kick. For 18 years, NFL player Shane Lechler dominated the punting game, demonstrating excellent technique, mental…

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Linked in: Ancient jawbone offers important evolutionary clues

A recent study revealed that a 160,000-year-old human jawbone discovered in 1980 in a Tibetan cave came from the Denisovans,…

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All-Time Worst Disasters

Earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and floods! Hurricanes, plagues, shipwrecks, and oil spills! This series has them all. Disasters are fascinating, awe-inspiring, and scary, all at the same time. Learn the facts about many of the worst disasters in human history. Then get some tips on how to prepare for disasters and stay safe.

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