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Tartan House

Each high-interest story in the hi-lo Tartan House line features edgy topics and crisp writing. The brisk but meaty storylines are guaranteed page-turners at an accessible reading level for struggling or reluctant readers. Mystery, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and more can be found in Tartan House.

Titles and ISBNs

Science Fiction


Science Fiction

Science Fiction


Science Fiction/Dystopian


Adventure/Realistic Fiction

Science Fiction


Science Fiction



Science Fiction



Science Fiction

Science Fiction


  • Fiction
  • Reading Level: Grades 5.0-up
  • Page Count: 96
  • CCSS Correlations: RL 6.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; RL 7.1, 2, 3, 4, 6
  • Trim Size: 5.25″ x 7.5″
  • Authors: Chris Everheart, P.W. Hueller, Amanda Humann, Brandon Terrell, Thomas Kingsley Troupe, Sean Tulien, and Scott R. Welvaert
  • Series Lexile Levels: HL 470-830L; 550-780L
  • A/R Levels: 3.8-4.7; new titles submitted Fall 2015


Library Bound Books
Set of 16: $456.00 (List) / $319.20  (S/L)
Individual Titles: $28.50 (List) / $19.95  (S/L)

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“Limbo’s Diner is charming, descriptive, and dives right into the action, but never feels rushed. Teenager Hal’s family diner caters exclusively to the recently dead. They stop and have a meal there while waiting to move on to whatever awaits them in their afterlife. Hal teams up with Gwen, a recently departed classmate, to stop a terrible spirit of death from wreaking havoc on the usually comforting and friendly place of limbo. With engaging characters and a fast pace, this is a charming fantasy that will be very appealing to readers.”

Limbo’s Diner
VOYA Magazine
, April 2016

“A new addition to the ‘Tartan House’ series, The Wish features scrawny high schooler Robert, who has found himself in a fight with the biggest kid at Grove Park High. When his wish to win the fight is miraculously granted, strange things start happening. Alex triggers strange events of his own in The Dark Lens, opening a world full of ghoulish creatures with a mystical lens. When Sam and his friends find a dangerous video game called The 13th Floor, they are so entranced by the violence and gore that they are unable to stop playing, even when bad things happen in real life. In Wolf High, Alex Hughes is on his way to becoming a violent werewolf with no recollection of his old identity, unless his mom can find the cure for the drug she created in the first place. All titles have center-justified text with plenty of white space per page, along with a ‘Questions to Think About’ section for further discussion. With enough gore and chills to satisfy middle and high schoolers, the text is at a fifth grade reading level.”

School Library Journal Hi-Lo Roundup, September 2015

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“The books in this series are quick reads with stories that grab readers’ attention immediately. Despite some pacing issues and a story that could have used a bit more fleshing out, this series would make a solid purchase for libraries looking for appealing hi/lo titles.”

VOYA Magazine, April 2016

“Second Chance Delivery offers just a taste of the supernatural by asking the question: If you could change the past, would you? Ben is given a chance to send a message back in time to himself, hopefully preventing a devastating car accident from killing and injuring his parents. But if he does this, will his past self heed the warning? This title is not smooth reading. It feels as though if it was a bit longer, the author could have gotten the pacing right, but it tells an engaging story and may grab readers with its moral choices.”

Second Chance Delivery
VOYA Magazine, April 2016

“In Meltdown Town the entire world has been blasted by nuclear reactors gone awry, and in Asheville, the town at the heart of the disaster, two young friends discover a seemingly impossible person who may be able to fix the world. This book has some pacing issues as well; it manages to feel both slow and rushed at the same time. It is very heavy with science fiction tropes that readers might want to be familiar with going in.Despite some pacing issues and a story that could have used a bit more fleshing out, this series would make a solid purchase for libraries looking for appealing hi/lo titles.”

Meltdown Town
VOYA Magazine, April 2016

“[E]dgy and contemporary slang and jargon are part of extensive dialogue, resulting in a fast-paced read. Adventure, science fiction, and realistic fiction genres are represented. If you have a need for short fiction, high interest books, or if you have a group of ELL learners and challenged readers, you may want to consider the series.”

School Library Connection (formerly Library Media Connection), November 2015


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