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22Jun 21
Carl Nassib Is The First Active NFL Player To Come Out As Gay

Carl Nassib is the first active NFL player to come out as gay

Nassib announced that he is gay in an Instagram post. He quickly gained support in the football community, with encouraging statements from teammates, coaches, and even the NFL commissioner. Nassib’s team, the Las Vegas Raiders, posted their support on Twitter with black hearts. In his announcement, Nassib pledged $100,000 to…

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26Mar 21
Megan Rapinoe Visits White House To Push For Equal Pay

Megan Rapinoe visits White House to push for equal pay

Equal Pay Day is three month and 24 days into the year. That is the number of extra days a woman has to work to make the same amount of money a man with the same job made in the previous year. Megan Rapinoe addressed the nation on this issue…

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