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23Jun 20

Colleges struggle with economic fallout of COVID-19

With sports cut short and delayed or cancelled, colleges are struggling to fund their athletic departments. Revenue from basketball and football programs are used to pay for other college sports. But if players can’t play or fans aren’t allowed to go to games, non-revenue sports like wrestling, soccer, and tennis…

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23Jun 20
Widespread Testing Needed For Sports In Fall 2020

Widespread testing needed for sports in fall 2020

NCAA’s doctors state that broad testing for coronavirus is needed in order to start college sports back up in fall 2020. Contact sports like football, basketball, and wrestling, are all high-risk sports for spreading the virus. The NCAA has created a COVID-19 Advisory Panel to come up with guidelines. Testing…

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Wrestling in High School

Vimeo, Jason Byeun

High schoolers and coaches explain the benefits of wrestling and why they like it.

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