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15Feb 21
FIVB Rule Changes Rules Will Improve Flow Of Game

FIVB rule changes rules will improve flow of game

The FIVB World Congress met February 6 to vote on proposed rule changes. One change will allow a libero to be either the team or game captain. Another change will allow players to jump over a scoring table to continue a rally. Two other rules were modified to improve the…

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17Jul 20
Greatest Upsets In Volley Championship Games

Greatest upsets in volley championship games

Making it all the way to the NCAA tournament is a college athlete’s dream. Winning against a higher ranked team? Even better. Upsets make for great entertainment. The NCAA took a look at all the tournament games since 1981 and listed their greatest upsets of all time.

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Beach Volleyball: How it Works

Women’s Volleyball World Championships

Source:James Clampin/Vimeo Creative Commons

Exciting highlights from the 2014 Women’s Volleyball World Championships in Italy.

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