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23Mar 20
Archaeologists Discovered A Paleolithic Campsite Made Of Mammoth Bones

Archaeologists discovered a Paleolithic campsite made of mammoth bones

Archaeologists in Russia have discovered a campsite of Upper Paleolithic hunters. Kostenki 11 is the site of one of the oldest remaining structures from the ice age. It's material: Mammoth bones. The round structure has dozens of jaw bones and skulls. There are also bones from horses, bears, wolves, reindeer,…

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12Mar 20
“Shrine” Of Prehistoric Carvings Found In A Spanish Cave

“Shrine” of prehistoric carvings found in a Spanish cave

Archaeologists were exploring a two-mile-long complex of caverns in northern Spain when they discovered what they described as a “shrine.” The discovery was prehistoric carvings of horses, deer, bulls, and other mysterious symbols. Researchers believe the oldest art in the cave originated in the Upper Paleolithic period. What makes these…

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