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Garzweiler Tagebau
22Sep 18

Getting ready for another Industrial Revolution

The mining industry provides the raw materials needed by almost everything else in our economy. But it doesn’t employ that many people – just 670,000 Americans. Instead, it’s focusing on intelligent mining operations. More and more jobs are being done by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robots. The British/Australian…

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06Aug 17

Top 10 Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change. New strategies and technology for mining iron led to many advancements in manufacturing. But many other inventions changed the way people lived and worked. Important inventions such as the steam engine, the spinning jenny, and the telegraph had huge impacts of…

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Note: Each post links to a current event story related to this 12-Story Library book. Our editors hand-select each story and write each post.

Industrial Inventions Image Gallery

Video: Iron Workers Welding

Source: Library of Congress

Workers in a factory weld an iron ring.

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Video: The Ford Assembly Line

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