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22Sep 18

Could California be the next Dust Bowl?

Massive wildfires have become the “new normal” in the western United States, especially California. People wonder if the fires – and the huge areas affected by smoke – will lead to another Dust Bowl-type catastrophe. Will parts of the country become uninhabitable? Will large amounts of people be forced to…

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06Aug 17
Dust-Bowl Drought Would Still Devastate US Crops, Study Finds

Dust-Bowl Drought would still devastate US crops, study finds

A series of three droughts in the 1930s led to the extreme conditions in the Dust Bowl Region. As acres of land literally blew away, many people were displaced. Farming methods have changed quite a bit since the 1930s. Farmers now plant different crops and use irrigation. But agriculture is…

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An Eyewitness Account of the Dust Bowl

Video: The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl

Source: Shutterstock

A 1960s video explains the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

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