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12-Story Library Featured Editor Pick

23Mar 20
Rescue Team Uses Sausages And Bacon For An Important Mission

Rescue team uses sausages and bacon for an important mission

When there is an important rescue mission to take on, why cook sausages and bacon? That’s how two mountain rescuers save a dog named Nell. The Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team were tasked with finding Nell’s owner and another ultra marathon runner in a remote area. The two runners were rescued,…

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03Mar 20
Elephant Rescued From Dry Well

Elephant rescued from dry well

How did rescuers in India save an elephant in a 25-foot deep well? They added water. Their method is known as the Archimedes’ principle. It’s the physics law of buoyancy. It took over three hours to pump water into the well which enabled the elephant to float to the top.

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01Dec 19
Jet Skiers Rescued People After Destructive Hurricane

Jet skiers rescued people after destructive hurricane

Water pushed its way into homes after hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas in September 2019. Many people were trapped and needed help. The water flooded their homes, creeping up windows, doors, and staircases. Local jet skiers rescued about 100 people. They rode through pelting rain and rough water. Jet skis…

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