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12-Story Library Featured Editor Pick

27Mar 20
Wild Horse Defies Odds After Storm

Wild horse defies odds after storm

In September of 2019, Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on both humans and animals. Twenty-eight wild horses were killed, and many animals were swept away. However, one pregnant cow survived with resiliency. After being washed away, she swam four miles back to shore. Months later, she gave birth to what reporters…

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23Mar 20
Dog Saved Kitten And Touched The Hearts Of Many

Dog saved kitten and touched the hearts of many

Rudy the dog was a good boy. That’s why it was strange when he wasn’t obeying owner Lee Ann Moore on a walk one day. Rudy sniffed under a bush and then sat down, refusing to move until Lee Ann noticed what he saw. There was a kitten under the…

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23Mar 20

Albatrosses work as spies to track down illegal fishing

After scientists put solar-powered tracking devices onto albatrosses, the world’s largest seabirds were given the tools they needed to become undercover spies. Albatrosses are well-known for being able to spend years at a time flying over the ocean looking for food. Fish often attract the birds to fishing boats, but…

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Note: Each post links to a current event story related to this 12-Story Library book. Our editors hand-select each story and write each post.

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