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16Mar 17

New study shows training can boost memory

Alex Mullen is the reigning World Memory Champion. He can memorize an entire shuffled deck of cards in 17 seconds. He can remember hundreds of random words and images. Yet, he still loses his keys on occasion. Recently, researchers began looking into what makes people like Alex so much better at memorizing…

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22Nov 16

New study notes 24 percent decrease in dementia rates

Dementia rates in the United States have dropped 24 percent in just 12 years, according to a new study. In 2000, the rates of dementia for people over the age of 65 was 11.6 percent. The new study of 21,000 people found that in 2012 the dementia rate was only 8.4 percent.…

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26Aug 16

Brain games are not just kid’s play, aging experts say

In 2016, Dr. Adam Gazzaley conducted a study to find out whether games could improve memory. He developed a video game called "NeuroRacer" that tests a person's focus and attention to detail. He found that people who played the game improved their performance on cognitive tests. Read more about Dr.…

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University of Texas Center for Brain Health News

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