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24Dec 20
2020 Bull Market Close Out Could Have Slow New Year Start

2020 bull market close out could have slow new year start

The stock marketing closed out 2020 with double-digit gains, but January 2021 may start out slow. The pandemic is still spreading, causing the economy to slow. Elections can also affect the market. The important runoff election for Georgia’s Senate will take place Jan. 5. Joe Biden will be sworn in…

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22Sep 18
US Returns $1.2 Million Work Of Art To Iran

US returns $1.2 million work of art to Iran

After 80 years of being passed around by smugglers, a precious limestone relief is heading home to modern-day Iran, formerly part of the Persian Empire. The carved piece of stone shows a Persian Imperial guard holding a spear. It was once part of a balustrade in ancient Persepolis. Experts say…

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28Aug 17
Strange Siberian Burial Site May Have Link To Persian Empire

Strange Siberian burial site may have link to Persian empire

Persia, known today as Iran, is about 3,700 miles (5,950 kilometers) from Siberia, an area of Russia. How ancient Persians ended up there is a mystery yet to be solved after researchers unearthed a medieval burial site in the Siberian permafrost. The head of the lone body, that of a…

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