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17Sep 18
Was Salmonella The Last Straw For The Aztec Empire?

Was salmonella the last straw for the Aztec empire?

In 1545 and 1576, people in the Mexican highlands started dying. They had red spots on their skin. They vomited and bled. The death toll was huge. Between 7 million and 17 million people died. For a long time, some scientists thought they all had smallpox or plague. Others thought…

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28Aug 17
Uncovered Aztec Skulls Raise A New Mystery

Uncovered Aztec skulls raise a new mystery

Spanish conquistadors visiting Tenochtitlan in the 1500s told vivid tales of the thousands of human skulls on display at the Aztec temples. They presumed that these skulls belonged to enemies of the Aztecs killed in war, but a new discovery at the city's ruins is calling that theory into question.…

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