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09Feb 20
An Ancient Backdrop For Modern Art

An ancient backdrop for modern art

Thousands of years ago, the tiny Greek island of Delos was a thriving political, cultural, and commercial hub. Today, it is a 1.3-square-mile archaeological site—and home to a surprising modern art installation called “Sight.” British sculptor Antony Gormley has placed 29 of his signature “bodyforms” among the ruins, inviting visitors…

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19Sep 18

This ancient artisan was a woman

In ancient Greece, men made pottery. Women cooked, washed clothes, baked bread, and wove cloth on looms. But archaeologists think at least one woman was a potter. And not just an ordinary potter. She lived about 3,000 years ago on the island of Crete. She died when she was 45…

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22Aug 17
Eight New Shipwrecks Discovered Off Coast Of Greece

Eight new shipwrecks discovered off coast of Greece

The "shipwreck capital of the world" has grown by eight more wrecks. The ship graveyard off the coast of Fourni, Greece was recently explored again, yielding new discoveries from Ancient Greece. The 17-mile (27 km) stretch of coast now contains 53 sunken ships that date back to 700 BC. Read…

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Interactive Map of the Greek City States, 500 BCE

Video: How the Ancient Greeks Changed Mathematics

Phoebe Halstead/Vimeo Creative Commons

The Ancient Greeks were responsible for many of the mathematical principles still in use today.

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