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10Feb 20

Forgotten details of NASA’s 1969 moon landing

The US space program celebrated an important anniversary in 2019. In 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission landed men on the moon for the first time. The accomplishment was a game-changer in the Space Race with the Soviet Union. Events across the country highlighted the accomplishments of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins,…

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NASA Astronaut Tweets

  • NASA_Astronauts

    RT @Astro_Jessica: The OsteoOmics2 experiment investigates the cellular mechanism of bone loss – vital knowledge for future space explorers…

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  • NASA_Astronauts

    RT @AstroDrewMorgan: Did you know the inspiration for the #Expedition62 mission patch is a beautiful #SpaceArt mosaic at GCTC in Star City,…

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  • NASA_Astronauts

    RT @NASA: Want to #BeAnAstronaut? You might be more qualified than you think. We've fact-checked 5 myths that could help you be on your…

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  • NASA_Astronauts

    RT @Astro_Jessica: The mesospheric (noctilucent) clouds in the upper atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere have been especially impressive…

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