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05Oct 18

Bubbling lake in Alaska releases methane into the air

There’s an Arctic lake in northern Alaska that bubbles and hisses and never freezes. Scientist Katey Walter Anthony has discovered the reason for the lake’s weird behavior: methane. Rising temperatures are thawing the permafrost and making holes in the bottom of the lake. Methane comes up through the holes. Scientists…

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17Aug 17

Hidden diseases once frozen in ice are waking up

Permafrost soils are melting after thousands of years due to climate change, and they are releasing ancient viruses and bacteria. Frozen permafrost soil is perfect for preserving bacteria and viruses because it is cold, dark, and lacks oxygen. The risk from permafrost pathogens is still unknowable, but does not mean…

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Science Daily Tundra News

Tundra News -- ScienceDaily

The Tundra Biome. Read the latest research on the tundra including information on tundra ecology, energy resources and the effects of climate change on this biome.

The Great Caribou Migration: A Story Map

The Unsung Heroes of the Arctic

Source: YouTube/National Geographic

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Wildlife in the Arctic

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