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25Mar 21
Poaching And Habitat Push African Elephants Towards Extinction

Poaching and habitat push African elephants towards extinction

Two species of elephants in Africa are under a lot of trouble. Savanna elephants and forest elephants populations have been declining in the past decades. The forest elephants are critically endangered—that’s the category right before extinction in the wild. Poaching is a big concern. People are killing elephants for their…

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04Oct 18

Park rangers protect wildlife in the Central African Republic

The Chinko nature reserve in the war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) is home to many species. That makes it a target for poachers. The poachers are after meat, ivory, animal skins, and ingredients used in traditional medicines. Dedicated park rangers are the only security force. Wearing camo and body armor…

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16Aug 17

There is more to grasslands than grassy plains

None of the US national parks focus on grasslands and prairie, despite these environments making up one third of the continental United States. Many people perceive these regions as being very flat and grassy, but that is not always the case. In southwestern Oklahoma, for example, the Wichita Mountains contain…

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