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20Oct 21
A Fisherman Is Using Art To Prevent Illegal Fishing

A fisherman is using art to prevent illegal fishing

Paolo Fanciulli, an Italian fisherman, is working to prevent an illegal fishing practice called bottom trawling. This practice damages fragile ecosystems by dragging nets along the ocean floor. Fanciulli decided to sink marble carvings into the ocean so bottom trawling becomes nearly impossible. Several artists have worked to create pieces…

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ScienceDaily: Fisheries News

Fisheries News -- ScienceDaily

Fisheries. Read the latest research on sustainable fisheries, threats to fishing, and the future of commercial fishing.

The ABCs of Stock Assessment

Source: Vimeo, NOAA Fisheries

Fishery science is used to determine how much fish can be taken from the ocean to maintain the population. Read more here.

Meet Bob Keese, Scalloper

Source: Vimeo, NOAA Fisheries

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Work-Related Deaths, 2011

Fishing has a death rate that is 36 times higher than the national average.

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